The Kindeez Group Silhouette 

The Kindeez Group Silhouette design is a teaser to the upcoming children’s picture book, The Kindeez: Learning to be Kind One Act at a Time.  It features Rosie, Pete, Deegan the Dragon, Tobi the T-Rex, Bonnie the Bigfoot, Sandy the Sea Creature, Uku the Unicorn, Roman the Robot, Aila the Alien, Manny the Monster, Gus the Griffin and Trina the Troll.  Soon to be a true classic.  Be one of the first the get the shirt before the book comes out!


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This downloadable digital copy of The Kindeez Stay-at-Home Coloring Book is for kids and adults at home in 

quarantine looking to have some fun coloring. In addition, this is the first 

chance to learn about all The Kindeez characters!   

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