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Deegan the Draon flying

It all started with a T-Shirt design Vincent Lucido was working on.  The piece  was called Roman the Robot Lends a Hand and featured a robot helping a boy get his ball out of a tree.  One day, his wife Sandy began to see something more in this illustration.  The robot image would become the inspiration for Sandy to begin writing about a unique group of characters whose mission it is to be kind.  Vincent then created new illustrations and a great collaboration between them began.  The result is the books, The Kindeez Stay-at-Home Coloring Book and The Kindeez: Learning to be Kind One Act at a Time (soon to be released).

Vincent and Sandy founded the company, Butterfly Fish Productions, with the hope of inspiring everyone to live with their hearts and spread joy to the world through fun, creative ideas.  They live in Southern California and have two amazingly fun children.  Butterfly Fish Productions is excited to share the many projects and products of The Kindeez, Kindeez Kids and Art by Vincent Lucido with their message of kindness to all.  Come join the fun!

Lucido Family Portrait
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